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The Center for Water Security and Cooperation's mission is to advance water security by understanding, evaluating and innovating in water law and governance. 

Water law is a fundamental building block for achieving water security. Our work makes it possible to:

understand how existing laws are impacting water protection and management

measure the effectiveness of laws and track their implementation

innovate in water law and policy

engage and dialogue with the community more about the law

what is

water security?

The Center for Water Security and Cooperation defines water security as the ability to safeguard an availability of water sufficient to sustain lives and livelihoods and protect against threats to and from water.

Attend an event, check out our reports, get CWSC's perspective on pressing issues.

Support our work to advance water security and ensure laws brings safe water to your community.

Creating the first pan-African water platform for advancing water security.

With information about the laws governing water protection, management, and governance, citizens and governments can make informed decisions about their water security future.


Exploring the laws feeding and reducing the Accessibility Trap.

Our research is stopping the role that law plays in perpetuating disrupted access to water and sewer services for low-income families and examining how laws threaten the financial security of our water infrastructure.


Giving communities the tools to achieve water security.

Developing a clear plan for your community's or business's water secure future isn't simple. We're doing some leg work to support your efforts.



Creating a long term strategy for the Mississippi River Basin.

The Mississippi River is an economic engine in the United States. We're working to create a strategy and platform of information that protects that future.


blue phone

Serving as a source of information and innovation on water law and policy worldwide.

The CWSC, with its partners around the world, provide information and education to stakeholders looking to raise the bar on water security.


africa sanitation policy Guidelines

Developing Sanitation Policy Guidelines to support African countries' achievement of SDG 6.


National sanitation policies across Africa are at different stages of development and may or may not create the necessary enabling environment for achieving the N'gor Commitments. These Guidelines will help countries to assess their current policies and draft new ones.

The most recent reports, announcements and upcoming events.

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Wednesday 20 March 2019

CWSC publishes report on the Accessibility Trap

The CWSC has released the first county and municipal-level exploration of laws governing access to water and sanitation and affordability.



Thursday 6 December 2018

Executive Director tapped to join National Drinking Water Advisory Council (NDWAC)

ED Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari started her three year term as a Member of the NDWAC at the December 2018 public meetings.

Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Luke Wilson

Co-Founder and Deputy Director

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