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about THE CWSC

The CWSC was started to use the law as a tool for building long-term solutions to our greatest water challenges and to drive legal innovation and partnership.


We bring a much-needed impartial legal voice to a sector that has become politicized. We focus on understanding and developing legal frameworks that guarantee a future with the water we need to meet our economic, security, and domestic needs.

Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Alexandra specializes in water and sanitation law, including water quality, water allocation, and interstate water law. She has worked in private practice and was a Fulbright Scholar in Spain researching water law and watershed management in Spain and the European Union. Alexandra previously taught Legal Research and Writing to International LLM students at The George Washington University Law School and served as the Chair of the Environment and Energy Committee for the ABA Young Lawyers Division (YLD), successfully leading the passage of a Resolution by the YLD recognizing the Human Right to Drinking Water and Sanitation. Alexandra currently teaches Water Law at the University of Maryland Carey School of Law and American University Washington College of Law.

       Alexandra has been an invited speaker at the Wall Street Journal, the American Bar Association, International Bar Association, World Water Week, Africa Water Week, among others, is featured in Beyond the Brink, a documentary on water scarcity and national security, and serves as a Co-Chair of the Water, Wastewater and Waste Pillar for Denton's Smart Cities and Communities Think Tank.

Luke specializes in transboundary water issues and issues of international law including human rights, humanitarian law, and international criminal law. He has worked with The World Bank, The American Bar Association and the U.S. Government. Luke previously served as a law clerk to judges of the International Court of Justice in the Hague and was the co-chair of the American Bar Association's International Human Rights Committee. Luke currently teaches International Law at the GW Elliott School of International Affairs and formerly taught legal research and writing to International LLM students at The George Washington University Law School

       Luke has been an invited speaker at the Council on Foreign Relations, the American Bar Association, and Bowdoin College, among others, and is a member of international task forces focused on global water affordability and on sanitation policy. Professor Wilson is also a tenor with The Washington Chorus and has performed with the National Symphony Orchestra and the Philip Glass Ensemble.

Luke Wilson

Co-Founder and

Deputy Director

Hannah Paton

Water Policy Analyst

Hannah works on water affordability and sanitation policy, amongst other critical water law and policy issues. Hannah graduated from Bucknell University magna cum laude with a B.A. in Economics and Environmental Studies. She recently served as a Junior Rapporteur at the 2018 SIWI World Water Week and was featured in videos discussing water issues as well as at the Closing Plenary. Hannah presented on the CWSC's findings under the DRINC Initiative on water accessibility laws in Maryland at the 2018 UNC Water and Health Conference.

Harper-Schmidt Fellow and

Assistant Professor

University of Chicago

Roger Martella

Vice President, Global EHS

General Electric Corp.

Lauren Perez

Ken Strzepek

Research Scientist and

Adjunct Professor

MIT, Harvard

Eric Garner


Best Best Krieger LLP

Jackie Guild


Office of Environmental Policy, State of Maryland

Susan Miller


Buzz Thompson


Stanford Law School