better water law, greater water security

Innovating in law is at the heart of water security.


Law and policy are one of the most important tools we have for managing our water resources responsibly. Yet, there is often little or no information on the role laws and policies play in managing water resources or providing water and sanitation services.

Laws should work for us. We work to make sure our laws have and achieve their purpose.

Creating the first pan-African water platform for advancing water security.

In collaboration with in-country partners, the CWSC is creating the first comprehensive baseline and platform for determining whether a country's existing water laws - across sectors and jurisdictions - are advancing water security. With information, citizens and governments can make informed decisions about their water security future.


Creating a long term strategy for the Mississippi River Basin.

The Mississippi River is an economic engine in the United States. We're working to create a strategy and platform of information that protects that future.

africa sanitation policy Guidelines

Developing Sanitation Policy Guidelines to support African countries' achievement of SDG 6.

National sanitation policies across Africa are at different stages of development and may or may not create the necessary enabling environment for achieving the N'gor Commitments. These Guidelines will help countries to assess their current policies and draft new ones.

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