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our research

Our Mission

To advance water security and cultivate cooperation by building a unified body of laws, policies, practices, and standards that ensure the availability of water for current and future generations, and a peaceful, stable, and vibrant global society.

We developed these five Research Pillars to guide our project development and implementation. Many of our projects fit within several of these pillars while others are more focused on achieving the objectives of one or two.


Creating a strategy that makes sure we have water to meet our needs.

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   1. Water Security Challenge



Innovating in law is at the heart of advancing water security.

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   2. MPACT

   3. ASPG


Water is essential to human existence. No one should go without.

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   1. DRINC


Cooperation stimulates innovation and long-term problem solving. We explore opportunities to build cooperative mechanisms.

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   1. MPACT



Creating the first pan-African water platform for advancing water security.

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   2. The Blue Phone

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