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The CWSC is the only nonprofit based in the United States solely dedicated to the advancement of water security and the nonpartisan, impartial analysis and improvement of water law.


Water security is a strategy that sets a clear purpose and direction for our efforts to guarantee we can meet current and future needs. Water is too essential a resource to leave its availability to chance. Our approach focuses on understanding the current role of law in advancing water security and identifying the opportunities to improve transparency, long-term management, and governance.

1 in 10 people in the world do not have clean water.
More than 50% of the almost 1.2 million rivers tested in the United States are contaminated.
More people have a cell phone than a toilet.
Wells in the Central Valey, once rich with water at 500 ft. have to be drilled to 1000 ft., costing $300,000.


Water security is a long-term vision for safeguarding the availability of water sufficient to sustain lives and livelihoods and protecting us against threats to and from water. Our communities remain perilously vulnerable to too little, too much and too dirty water. That vulnerability threatens our economic security, health, environment, national security, and culture. The CWSC investigates and informs on existing circumstances, analyzes and measures the impact of law, and develops solutions for advancing water security.

why water security?

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