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better water law, greater security

Innovating in law is at the heart of advancing water security.


Law is the most important tool we have for managing our water resources responsibly. Law is a long-term strategy informed by science, data and stakeholder engagement that later informs our decision making. We work to make sure our laws achieve their purpose.

In partnership with in-country stakeholders, the CWSC is creating the first comprehensive baseline and platform for determining whether a country's existing water laws, across sectors and jurisdictions, are advancing water security. Our approach will empower citizens and policymakers to determine whether the existing law is effective and to write laws responsive to actual needs and problems. 

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The CWSC is creating a platform for understanding and evaluating the existing legal and governance frameworks and working with stakeholders to enhance collaboration along the River and innovate solutions for addressing challenges. The Mississippi River is a powerful economic engine, generating $405 billion in revenue and supporting 1.3 million jobs. The future of the basin to continue supporting that prosperity will depend on strong legal and governance frameworks and committed stakeholder engagement.

Lake Itasca, South Clearwater, Minnesota Image capture: Aug 2016 © 2017 Google

Our water infrastructure provides invaluable health services to our communities. It is essential that our drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities are operated and maintained at optimum levels and that those rates are affordable for low-income families. We are examining the influence of law in financing the provision of affordable water services to understand how we can better guarantee water

infrastructure security.

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