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the Mississippi p.a.c.t.

Lake Itasca, South Clearwater, Minnesota Image capture: Aug 2016 © 2017 Google

The CWSC is creating a platform for building a stakeholder-driven long-term plan for protecting the prosperity of the Mississippi River.


The Mighty Mississippi originates as a small stream flowing from Lake Itasca in Minnesota and travels 2350 miles through ten states before it reaches the Gulf of Mexico. The watershed includes 31 states, covering 1.2 million square miles. Based on a January 2000 study published by the Upper Mississippi River Conservation Committee, 15 million people rely on the Mississippi River for drinking water. The Mississippi River supports navigation, manufacturing, energy production, tourism, mineral extraction, water supply, agriculture, outdoor recreation, and commercial fishing.


Join us in creating a long-lasting platform and network of stakeholders that will advance water security and protect our national and local economies.

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