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Report says climate change poses risk to national and international security.

The Climate and Security Advisory Group (CSAG) - a group of 25 military and national security experts -issued a report detailing the risk that climate change poses to national and international security and setting forth their recommendations for the New Administration.

  • Last year the Department of Defense (DOD) called climate change a “threat multiplier.” The DOD identified the following areas of global climate change related risks: more recurring floods and droughts, more frequent extreme weather conditions, rising sea levels and decreasing Arctic cover.

  • The US operates 1774 coastal military installations in the U.S. and around the world which will grow increasing vulnerable to sea level rise and extreme weather.

  • Recommendations by the CSAG include dedicating a Cabinet-level position to focus on climate change and security concerns, advancing climate-security education, integrating climate into water-sharing agreements, and considering climate and security in conflict avoidance efforts, amongst others.

  • “It’s hard to energize people now, but it’s too late when the water is around your ankles,” said Ronald Keys, former commander of Air Combat Command.


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