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Severe flooding in Louisiana damages tens of thousands of homes and businesses.

  • In mid-August, rains of almost two feet fell on parts of Louisiana over a course of three days.

  • According to FEMA, only 42 percent of homes in high-risk areas have flood insurance. Only 12.5 percent of homes in low to moderate flood risk areas have flood insurance.

  • Many of the flooded homes were not in designated flood risk zones.

  • In 2005, following Hurricane Katrina, FEMA paid $6.6 billion to 1.07 million households and individuals. On average, that means each household only received about $6000. Households not covered by insurance are still eligible to receive up to $33,000 from FEMA.

  • Following Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the State of New Jersey implemented the “Superstorm Sandy Blue Acres” program. Under this program, the State purchases homes located in specified flood zones. So far the State has purchased 471 homes in 11 towns and cities. This is one option for encouraging homeowners to move out of flood risk zones.


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