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San Diego accelerates construction of water recycling system: Pure Water San Diego.

In November 2014 the San Diego City Council unanimously approved plans to recycle sewage into drinking water.

  • What is the process? First, a system of plastic tubes and straws filter microbes and contaminants. Second, the water undergoes reverse-osmosis to screen organic material, salts and solids. The final step includes exposing the water to ultraviolet light and hydrogen peroxide to kill any remaining toxins.

  • The City Council recently announced the acceleration of its construction of the water recycling system - 30 million gallons of sewage a day will be recycled by 2021 instead of 2027.

  • Recycled water will be pumped into the Lake Miramar reservoir and the purification plant will use methane from the Miramar landfill as its power source.

  • The first phase will cost $1 billion.


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