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Flint, Michigan is undeniably one of the most serious public health crises in the past decade. In addition to the real human cost, a factor still inchoate and unquantifiable at this moment, we witnessed a complete breakdown of the systems designed to protect our most critical resource and our most vulnerable citizens. The effects that this will have are still unknown, though it has shaken the faith of the nation in our water systems. Already, in Crystal City, Texas, there are echoes of the Flint crisis replete with competing narratives from different governmental agencies, deployment of bottled water, and fear and distrust among affected citizens. Essential to the discussion are the adequacy of the laws dictating the water quality standards to be met and the actions to be taken when they are not met.

The CWSC works to build laws and policies that account for and balance the growing human pressures on water availability. Through our blog we will raise tough questions, challenge established opinions and educate readers. Some posts will address serious issues and ask serious questions while others will seek to bring levity to a complex, difficult issue. We will use these posts to analyze and explore different opinions on the same issue as well as to inform the public on laws and policies guiding relevant decision-making.

We encourage you to engage with us - contact us with questions, potential priorities, and new ideas. At the end of the day, we work to advance water security because everyone deserves to be able to drink and access clean, safe water.

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