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World Water Forum
Dakar 2022

The Human Right To Water:
Idealism to Implementation

World Water Day: March 22, 2022

Session Organized By

Where: Forum EXPO Room 8, 9am-10:30am
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United States



Live Session Program

I. Welcome and Presentation of the Session

Speaker: Will Garde, CRS


II. Global Growth of the Human Right to Water


A. Keynote Presentation: World Water Day Observance: Key challenges for the future achievement of the Human Right to Water (12 minutes)

Speaker: United Nations Special Rapporteur for Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation, Pedro Arrojo-Agudo

B. Presentations on Global Approaches

Presentation One: Realization of the Human Right to Water Handbook for Realizing the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation: The Relevance and the Reissuance

Speaker: Anjani Kapoor, Sanitation and Water for All

Slide Presentation: EN FR

Presentation Two: The UN Human Rights Approach: Charting a Course to Meet the SDGs

Speaker: Andrea Ori, UNHCHR Regional Bureau for West Africa

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Questions & Answers


III. Projects Implementing the Human Right to Water

Project One: Project to increase access to basic services in informal settlements in peri-urban and rural Casablanca

Organization: Lydec

Speaker: Saadia Zouheir, INDH-INMAE Project Manager

Slide Presentation: EN FR


Project Two: CICODEV Presentation

Organization: CICODEV

Speaker: Amadou Kanouté

Slide Presentation: EN FR


Questions & Answers


IV. Conclusions of the Session and Thematic Summation

Speaker: Will Garde, CRS

Live Sesson Program


Contribute to the Forum's Declaration. Contribuez à la déclaration du Forum.

Additional Presentations

So many of our collaborators who help advance the work of the Forum could not join the Forum in Dakar for various reasons, ranging from COVID restrictions to cost.


To include more voices and help make the Forum more universal and wide-reaching, we include some of their presentations here. 

Projects Advancing the Human Right to Water

Project One: Activating Journalists: Accountability and Education on the Human Right to Water Through Responsible Reporting

Organization: RECOJAC (Session Organizer)

Speaker: Joseph Moukoué

Slide Presentation: EN FR

Video Presentation: FR


Project Two: Access to Water: an Essential Human Right for Peace and Development

Organization: Camide

Speaker: Safiatou Traore

Slide Presentation: EN FR

Video Presentation: FR


Project Three: Building Water Rights Through Kids Well-being at School

Organization: Water is Life Cameroon

Speaker: Pierre Biboum

Slide Presentation: EN FR

Audio Presentation: FR

Additional Materials
Image by Jeremy Boley
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