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Water Justice

Sponsored by the USGBC - Missouri Gateway Chapter, St. Louis, 9:00 AM

17 Oct 2017

Executive Director Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari addressed a group of more than 50 attendees in a keynote address entitled, "Water Security is a National Priority: the invisible fuel called water."

The Future of Transboundary Water Management - Cooperation, Informed Decision-Making, and Empowering Local Actors

Sponsored by The Horinko Group and The Mannie Jackson Center for the Hummanities Foundation, 8:30 AM

12 Oct 2017


Interstate cooperation to improve system and community resilience in the Mississippi River Basin


Ann Mills, Senior Fellow, Food Institute, George Washington University


Steve Sonka, Professor Emeritus, Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics, University of Illinois

Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari, Executive Director, The Center for Water Security and Cooperation

John Ploschnitznig, Modeling and Application Development, Riverside Research

Dr. Michael Plasquier, Associate Professor of Religious Studies and History, Louisiana State University

Water: Global Challenges and Shared Solutions

Sponsored by The Wall Street Journal and Nestle Waters North America, New York City, 9:00 AM

13 Sep 2017


9:00 am – Panel: Water 2030

Mod. Ed Roussel, Upmanu Lall, Kim Marotta, Matt Howard
10:00 am - Keynote Interview

Mod. Ed Roussel, Secretary Henry Cisneros
10:30 am - Panel: Building Water Sustainable Communities

Mod. Greg Lindsay, Nelson Switzer, Albert Cho, Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari, Jon Rose

The Water Complex: Averting Catastrophes and Disasters

Bowdoin College, Hubbard Hall, Shannon Room, 4:00 PM

18 Apr 2017

Luke Wilson (Bowdoin '06), Deputy Director of The Center for Water Security and Cooperation, will discuss water's complex interrelationships, the human race's complicated relationship with water and the delicate balance we have struck between the two. With examples ranging from Syria to India and Africa, the talk will make broader connections to how overuse is straining the ability of the world to provide sufficient water for economic and human security and triggering political instability.  The talk will also discuss some of the legal mechanisms that have been tried and why they failed or succeeded in managing these conflicts.

Water Diplomacy Roundtable: Quo vadis?

Tufts University Medford Campus, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

12 May 2017

Panelists will discuss the Water Diplomacy Framework and how to translate theory into practice in order to actualize effective water management and governance.



Professor Larry Susskind, MIT

Professor Enamul Choudhury, Wright State University

Professor Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari, The Center for Water Security and Cooperation

Greg Koch, Coca-Cola

Legal and Environmental Implications of Toxic Waste Dumping in the South China Sea

Russell Senate Office Building, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

10 May 2017

In 2016, Formosa Plastics, a Taiwanese corporation discharged toxic industrial waste into the Formosa Strait causing significant environmental damage. On the one year anniversary, speakers will discuss the legal implications of the toxic industrial waste.



Ambassador Stephen Rapp

Dr. John Purdy

Professor Lisa Heinzerling, Georgetown University School of Law

Professor Warren Perrin, Loyola School of Law

Professor Luke Wilson, George Washington University Law School

Professor Malaika Bacon-Dussault, Moncton University School of Law

Acting on the Water-Climate Change Nexus

Dentons, 1900 K Street NW, 11:30 AM

02 Jun 2016

Panelists will discuss government and industry response to the water-climate change nexus. How will climate change's impact on water affect agriculture and energy production?


William (Bill) Snape, Professor, American University Washington College of Law


Russ Behnam, Senior Counsel, U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry

Carolyn Olson, Senior Scientist, USDA-OCE-Climate Change Program Office

Elias B. Hinckley, Partner, Sullivan & Worcester LLP

Matt McGovern, Senior Advisor, Department of Energy

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