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2018 National Capital Region Water Resources Symposium

Resilient Solutions for Water Management in Urban Environments: Advances in Research, Technology, Financing and Policy

06 Apr 2018

Deputy Director Luke Wilson will discuss issues of affordability and law on a panel focused on innovative approaches and solutions to water resource management.  

More information here:

Water Affordability Symposium

California Natural Resources Agency Building, Sacramento, California from 9:00AM-4:00PM

05 Apr 2018

The symposium will feature leading researchers and national experts on innovative affordability practices. Attendees will include state and local officials, water suppliers, and community-based organizations.

4 Panel Topics

9:15 AM         Foundations of Water Affordability

*10:45 AM       Innovative Affordability Programs Outside of California

Moderator: Marcus Franklin (NAACP)

Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari (Center for Water Security and Cooperation)

Michelle Bethel (Philadelphia Department of Revenue)

Gary Brown (Detroit Water and Sewerage Department)

1:15 PM         California’s Affordability Programs

2:45 PM         AB 401 and the Path Forward

Watch the live webcast here:

After 4/5/18: Post-meeting archived webcast here:

Special Screening of "Beyond the Brink"

Join us at the George Washington University Elliott School (Lidner Commons, 6th Floor) at 5:15 PM

19 Mar 2018

Ahead of World Water Day, please join us for an advance screening of Beyond the Brink, Jim Thebaut’s new documentary on the national security threats arising from California’s evolving water crisis, followed by a panel discussion on climate change driven water scarcity as an emerging global security concern.

Beyond the Brink screening is 90 minutes long and will be followed by a 30-minute panel discussion with experts from the film.


  • Alexandra L. Campbell-Ferrari, Executive Director of the Center for Water Security and Cooperation in Washington, D.C.

  • Dr. Marcus D. King,John O. Rankin Associate Professor of International Affairs and Director of Master of Arts in International Affairs Program. Dr. King also directs a climate and water security initiative at the Elliott School.

  • Jim Thebaut, Producer, Creator, director of Beyond the Brink

About the Film:

Beyond the Brink depicts the water and food nexus and its evolving implications for national security through the lens of California’s San Joaquin Valley, a microcosm of this global crisis. The film was conceived, directed and produced by veteran social documentarian Jim Thebaut of The Chronicles Group.

**Registration in advance is required as space is limited**


Understanding the Global Water Strategy

Capitol Building, Gold Room (2168 Rayburn) at 3:00PM - 4:30PM

08 Jan 2018

In 2014, the Paul Simon Water for the World Act mandated that the US government, through USAID and the State Department, devise a strategy to address water issues around the world. This strategy, presented to Congress in November 2017, defines the role that the United States will play in tackling and alleviating water insecurity worldwide.

Panelists will discuss challenges and opportunities of the strategy's with a focus on how it will allow the U.S. to meet the needs of the international community particularly in the most impoverished reaches of the world.

Introductory Remarks

Representative Ted Poe (TX-R)


James Peters, Acting Global Water Coordinator, USAID

Aaron Salzberg, Special Coordinator for Water Resources, U.S. State Department

Elynn Walter, International Advocacy Expert and US Partnerships Lead, IRC

Sarah Davidson, WWF

Luke Wilson (Moderator), The Center for Water Security and Cooperation

Closing Remarks

Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari, The Center for Water Security and Cooperation

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